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Band Photos and Performance Videos!

After spending a month rehearsing with our band, we were ready to go into the recording studio March 12, 2022 and recorded four original songs live off the floor (okay, full disclosure - with a few overdubs like Dobro slide, extra guitar and a harmony vocal).

Once the songs were in the can and ready for release, we knew we needed full band promo pics and video so we called in the experts. We found a time early on a Saturday morning when Cyril Schermann (our awesome bass player) and Scott Evans (our incomparable drummer) were available and we booked a stage.

Filming all four songs in only two hours on stage was a blast and we are super happy with the energy captured during that shoot. Big thanks to Jackson Parker Visuals for the film work and fast turnaround and to Miles Overn for the photos!

Look for our funny Country Blues tune "Everybody's Normal 'Til You Get To Know 'Em" and our Country Rock song "Cut Flowers" about love gone wrong on Youtube now with No Room For A Ghost and Here's To You, Here's To Me coming next.

With almost 7000 views on Everybody's Normal and 2,600 for Cut Flowers, we are really feeling excited that our original songs are resonating with people. Our songs are definitely modern country and rock. The process of filming has really clarified for us what our live shows need to look like and we are super excited to play for listening audiences!

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