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New Logo, New Shirts, New Website Design

We were never happy with our old logo with the black background and white signature - too "rock and roll" for the songs we seem to be writing which are definitely more Country Rock, Country Blues and Canadiana - So, we decided we needed a new logo.

We are embracing who Rhindress Duo and Rhindress Band is - two Canadians writing songs about Canada in the "Autumn of our Years". After going back and forth several times with our designer, we decided the Canadian maple leaf was definitely our symbol and the fact that Kim is 6 months older than Jim, means she is the red leaf.

New light-weight golf shirts were ordered for the band (embroidered with our fancy new Rhindress Music logo) as it can get pretty toasty in the Okanagan in the summer. They were a big hit with our band as you can tell from the new group photo.

We are excited to keep exploring the idea of what it is to be Canadian songwriters as we continue to write new songs about the people and places of Canada and prepare for lots of fun bookings this summer both as a duo and with our amazing band.

Stay tuned for four new songs: Left In The Dark premiers May 25, 2023 on all platforms and we have a total of four new songs just recorded and mastered.

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